Ideas for my second story.

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Ideas for my second story. Empty Ideas for my second story.

Post  Singing Siren on Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:59 pm

My first story is pending approval right now, but I've already got ideas in my head about the second... Not sure which I want to do yet, but here's what's in my head. Please be warned that the second and third ideas have spoilers for their respective series:

  1. Something loosely inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It wouldn't be a fanfic, but the idea came to me while playing and hearing about how some people get addicted to their augmentations and upgrades. A normal girl would be given some sort of robot parts (or maybe some sort of nanobots are injected into her body?), and would become obsessed with upgrading herself, corrupted by power and seeking to corrupt others into her drones. She'd use various methods to get others to convert- hypnotic screensavers, nanobots slipped into their drinks, and once she has enough of a powerbase, simple brute force to hold them in place while she changes them. Eventually, she'd merge with the internet to take over all networked computers on the planet, and at that point, total domination would only be a few steps away.

  2. An Avatar fanfiction taking place just after the Boiling Rock episodes, starring Azula. Instead of going insane and banishing everyone, she instead reveals that the Dai Li have taught her their methods of hypnosis- and perhaps she's even improved on them? She they proceeds to hypnotize Ty Lee and Mai. The two would, of course, help her to defeat Zuko and Katara so she could claim her coronation ceremony. Not sure if there'd be anything after that... I guess fighting against Aang to end the war as a victory for her? And of course, at that point, Katara and Zuko would be under her control as well, and Aang would never be able to turn his attacks against Katara. And of course, after that, she'd simply execute her father, considering him too weak to have the right to a throne. All hail Phoenix Queen Azula?

  3. A Zelda fanfiction involving Hilda- at the end of Link between Worlds, she has a perfectly good Triforce just ready for any kind of wish she could imagine... Well, the first and most obvious thing is to wish that she controlled both Triforce... Triforces? Triforcex? Triforci? Regardless, from there, she would naturally move to take Hyrule by making Zelda her eternally loyal handmaiden.

  4. You guys saw me mention Sentinels of the Multiverse last week... Well, the series really doesn't have much fanfiction for it that I can find (or images), and maybe I could do something to fix that? Something involving an aging Citizen Dawn deciding that she needs a successor, and somehow brainwashing Beacon to become such? Or maybe Visionary's dark self simply takes over her mind and starts making her into a mind controlling lesbian mistress? I really don't have anything too concrete for this one, but I would love to see some erotic fanfiction for this series, and it seems doing it myself is the best way to make it happen.
Singing Siren
Singing Siren

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Ideas for my second story. Empty Re: Ideas for my second story.

Post  Quartz Falcon on Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:23 pm

Don't know enough about the canons to 1 and 4 to comment on then, but as to the others:

2. Having it be a ficlet about Azula hypnotizing Ty Lee and Mai would be great. Not so sure about the rest, though that's mostly because I can't help but think of ways for Phoenix Queen Azula to fail (what better time for Katara to discover bloodbending works outside of full moons than when Azula's about to reduce her and Zuko into Joo Dees? And even if Azula can convert them, guess who has two thumbs and can bend at the spiritual level (which includes, but is not limited to, taking the bending away)?)

3. This on the other hand I'm 100% in favor: I liked the ALBW cast, and Hilda struck me as having this fascination with all things Hyrule and especially Zelda beyond "their world doesn't suck". Maybe have her use her Triforce to forge masks ala what the Monster Cult wears and bind one to Zelda's face, which would whisper to her of submitting to Hilda, her beautiful Queen.
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Ideas for my second story. Empty Re: Ideas for my second story.

Post  Rainday on Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:29 pm

Yeah, I'm in the same pool but less so as I haven't been able to play ALBW yet and am only familiar with the base material Avatar.  I see good potential in the Deus Ex inspired one as well as the Zelda one.  

The avatar one sounds good but gets "messy" after the beginning(with the fighting, Aang(and somewhat Zuko for me), and the death of father dearest).  Don't get me wrong, showing her accession to the throne does have merits, but you could choose to skip to the end for that one after the hypnosis and summarize it, maybe include the fight to display how well the hypnosis works on them and the victory hypnosis scene with Katara who would resist more and thus make the induction more longer and include additional measures to make it different from the earlier one.  But these are merely suggestions.

The 4th one sounds like a work of love which is always fun to indulge in, though it would require you to go a extra mile for backstory to familiarize people with the universe.  

With the technology inspired one, I feel it's most important to add things(such as kinks or provocative brainwashing methods) to make it different and thus truly yours.  For instance, since screen savers are not used for the most part nowadays, you could change it to a hidden vid link on a site aimed at submissive women, or even some type of basic trance inducing word game program, or even a internet gambling game with fake money to ease people in, but of course have unique hypnotic symbols for the cards  along with sexy women(or even anime chicks lol). Depending on how far you go you could even incorporate elements from shows like Ghost in the Shell were there is a whole virtual world, though you may want to keep think simpler... though now that I think of it you could have the girls modified into lesbian lovebots (potentially identical).

I will say I am most comfortable with the Zelda one, because I know very well of Hilda's beauty
but sadly not much about her.  People do like to draw her in a more dark and seductive style though

So I could see someone longing for the light wishing to make it theirs very easily.  The question is how to approach it, has she been harboring these desires for a long while so much that it's twisted her, it is a "wish gone wrong" that she comes to realize is actually great after Zelda shows her a night full of worship and sexy time, or something else?  Then of course there's Link, does he just get left behind, or does the magic of rule 63 get worked in somehow =)
Hehehe, again all these points are flavored in my interest so there's no need to take them even as suggestions, just do whatever feels good dood =)

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Ideas for my second story. Empty Re: Ideas for my second story.

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