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A Couple of Ideas

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A Couple of Ideas Empty A Couple of Ideas

Post  Grungepunk Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:43 pm

Hey all. Just thought I'd throw out a couple of ideas I had been thinking of out there and see what everyone thought of them.

Idea 1

Boy is playing Final Fantasy 6 and wishes he could experience the game and is sucked inside to find that he's teamed up with Terra and Celes as they are in Cyan's dream on the train. Along the way, they run into an enemy party which consists of a Suriander and Samurai but the Barb-e is missing. Instead, there's a golden mist which enshrouds Celes.

The battle begins and throughout it, Celes slowly starts turning into a Barb-e before becoming one completely and joining up with the enemy party. She casts Entice on Terra and gets her to do her bidding while the boy runs. The next battle shows the boy by himself against the Barb-e who was once Celes and Terra, still herself but completely under Celes' control and has the Barb-e moveset. They battle for awhile as the boy tries to break Terra free from the spell but is unable to as Terra starts turning into a Barb-e. Once she is successful in charming the boy, her conversion into a Barb-e is complete and the two of them perform a ritual to turn the boy into one of them as he then becomes a pixilated Barb-e just like the two of them and then they do battle with a new hero team that's come through.

And these conversions would include their hair turning brunette. (No offense to anyone, I'm just preferential to complete changes)

Idea 2

A year after the purging of Geostigma, Tifa hears about how women from Edge keep disappearing in some nearby woods and goes to investigate along with Yuffie. Along the way, they find a giant beehive and decide to investigate it and inside, they immdiately see that it's completely inhabited by Q-Bees drones, all of which are the women who had been converted.

They fight their way through but the bees become too much and capture Tifa and Yuffie. They are then brought before Q-Bee and Tifa watches in horror as Yuffie is converted into a drone. Tifa summons her energy and strength to break free and dispatch Q-Bee. But she leaves behind her honey which smells so sweet that Tifa is unable to resist it and starts eating it which causes her to turn into the new Q-Bee.


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A Couple of Ideas Empty Re: A Couple of Ideas

Post  vesago_x Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:23 am

Both of these ideas sound very good to me. Is there any chance you could put soul vore into the q-bee story? I think it could work right before Yuffie is converted, and it wouldn't be breaking canon or anything, either.

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