Fleshcult - Text Based game (still in development

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Fleshcult - Text Based game (still in development Empty Fleshcult - Text Based game (still in development

Post  tilltherewas1 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:13 am

Hey all, found this interesting new text base game called Fleshcult.

You create a Incubus or Succubus (transgenders avail if your into that) and you seduce females/males (or both, you get the option at the start) into becoming your slaves/minions. Seduced humans can become concubines (gain more mana, the currency of the game) beast (who protect your lair and aid with the mana production) and apprentices (who reduce the number of turns upgrades cost)

Its got some simple but interesting game mechanics, not overly difficult to get the hang of. There's no art at this time, but the blog says that this maybe included in the future. The writing per say is simple and gets a bit repetitive, but again its only version 0.47 and i do believe there will be more indept 'story' in future releases.

As i mentioned they are still in development phase so unless you donate like 5 bucks or so, the number of times you can visit the surface world (where your future slaves
dwell) is currently limited. 15 turns if you dont sign up, 30 if you do.

Its definitely worth checking out for folks who's every dreamed of being a sex demon that has their own army of thralls. (which i assume most of use have)

Here's the site

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