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Post  D-fan on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:39 am

I had an idea for a game, Corruption Hearts. In a version of the Kingdom Hearts universe where the worlds go beyond Disney and FF to include all kinds of fictional worlds, a new threat has arisen. The Perversed, a type of Unversed based on lust instead of more violent negative emotions. You play the source of the Perversed, a newborn succubus style creature. In this version of the Kingdom Hearts Universe besides the seven Princesses of Heart every world has a Princess who represents the light of that world, it is the players mission to use her/hir Perversed minions to get the player to the Princess so that the player can convert the Princess, acquiring more powers and allies doing so. Before going after the Princess though one will typically have to deal with other threats such as the Heartless and Nobodies; the villain of each world will have to be converted to your cause so that they don't get in the way and to provide an initial base of operations on a world. The final goal is to corrupt the Princesses of Heart and the Keyblade wielders, allowing the player access to Kingdom Hearts where they will corrupt it and turn the whole universe into there lusty playground.


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