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Post  Rainday on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:31 pm

Okay... So I had this idea. But it's a tricky thing, like... we would need someone who could edit pics at the very least... I could take care of scripting if needed... But you'll love this... I think... It's similar to something done earlier by one of our members(the name escapes me because I suck at remembering names, started with a P, but there's another member who is fairly active whose name also starts with a P, so it sucks trying to remember, part of my condition actually)... But I would want to take it to a simpler level...

Raidy faces off against 3 hypnotic villainesses who try to hypnotize you in various ways(like a pendant, pheromones, dancing, pantyhose). It could be a simple dating sim like thing. But basically it would be a little quiz like thing(like witch's tower). If Raidy loses you get your general hypnotic slave or monster girl ending... buuuuuuut, if she wins, she turns the tables like she always does! Like, she's entrancing the villainess, and feeling really sexually charged from it, and submits to the pleasure of having a hypnotic slave... In certain endings she keeps them along, trying to make them seem normal because she doesn't like what she's done, but this is the only suitable punishment, and when they want to please her, she just can't resist them. Others endings would be standard becomes a villainess for being addicted to the power, or the slave makes her a slave as well and some girl or other villainess takes them in as slaves. There are many other possibilities, but I would want to keep it simple at first... Maybe even just one villainess with several endings.

I'm sorry I'm being very foggy right now, but my head is feeling the same way...

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