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Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F)

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Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Empty Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F)

Post  065227n on Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:58 am

Done in Visual Novel style so probably not going to be very visually stimulating.

Game: Imperial SaGa
Name: Rocbocquet

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Pq81J89

Method: Magic (Blown Kiss?)
Effect: Charm

Imperial SaGa is a crossover Browser Mobage of the SaGa series by Square Enix. Rocbocquet is a villianess from Romancing SaGa 2, one of the corrupted "Seven Heroes" who turned evil after being betrayed by the people they protected.

Quick recap because it's very likely that many people have not played the original game as it does not have an English version - in RS2, Rocbocquet charmed an entire village to act as her personal servants - women were immune and left to create their own town and formed a resistance group known as the Amazons.

She has a move called Temptation which causes all men in the party to attack each other and if you were silly enough to bring in a party of all men even with the hints the game gives you, you actually got to play a special segment of the game where your charmed party is forced to help her clear out a ruin in order to obtain a power that would transform her into her upgraded form and if you succeed... well, now you have a tougher boss fight on your hands so you're screwed either way!

In Imperial SaGa, reports of Rocbocquet return has reached the Empire. Knowing that women are immune to her charms, the Scarlet Empress, Azami (Ninja) and Jeanne (Amazon) set out to stop her but...

(There's a bit part where they knock out a charmed guy that I skipped because I'm too lazy to translate more than I need to)

(Rough translation provided)

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) JOiyc56

Empress: Your Secret Technique Temptation will have no effect on us!

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) DxwohXp

Rocbocquet: I wonder about that? Then let me try it.
Now, eat this! The rebirth of my new Charm Magic!

*Pink Flashes*

Empress: Argh!
W... What? This feeling!
There's a disturbance in my head!

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) UKEc4F1

Azami: A... Are you Okay, my Lady?!
Apparently, a mysterious aura was released by Rocbocquet into our heads

Empress: Why did that effect us?
Was that really... Temptation?

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) AA12bM2

Rocbocquet: A new power by assimilating the souls of men who would die to protect me.
Isn't it effective? Have you conceded defeat?

Empress: If we continue to be exposed to this magic...
This won't be a fair fight at all!

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) SNfJYSf

Jeanne: Mistress... Rocbocquet...
*Heavy Breathing*
Mistress Rocbocquet!!

Azami: H... Hey! Jeanne!?
Is it possible...
Your eyes have sure become strange!

Rocbocquet: My oh my,
even someone with such a strong spirit was immediately enchanted.

Rocbocquet: Now then, please listen to my request
Would you kindly take care of those two in front of you?

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Xo1Egor

Jeanne: *Heavy Breathing*
If this is the will of Mistress Rocbocquet, I will stop at nothing to accomplish it

I'm sorry my Empress, but for Rocbocquet's sake
I will be taking your life now

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) W8cVtxS

Azami: Jeanne has been captivated!
I got it, a startling discovery!
Jeanne is actually a man! Amazing!

Empress: S... stop saying such foolish things!
She was just charmed by the new magic of Rocbocquet!
Wake up Jeanne! Remember your Amazon vow!

And there's a couple more lines where Jeanne breaks free of her control but I'll just let you guys imagine that she loses instead. Wink

Boss Battle Animations video (skip to the end):

Character managed to not get charmed in the video but the status icon of Charm looks like this

Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) PCjjgiM


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Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Empty Re: Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F)

Post  Blastar on Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:03 am

Very nice.  Rocbouquet was always one of my favorites, so it's great to see her power extended to women!

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Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Empty Re: Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F)

Post  Rainday on Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:02 am

Dood, this is awesome~! Very nice job and thanks for translating for us, this is a super relevant find and the stuff dreams are made out of! A villainess enhancing her charm to affect women too, it sounds like a fanfic, but we actually have a legit case for it! Thanks for all the extra effort and supplying the little "charmed" gifs to boot.

I like what that game does with traditional sprites, gives them a new air of life =)

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Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F) Empty Re: Imperial SaGa (MC, F/F)

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