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Post  Rainday on Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:16 am


This being a forum founded for the content of Villainesses and Monstergirls charming, hypnotizing, brainwashing, transforming, and the evil conversion of heroines, magical girls, female innocents(etc.), we do have some ground rules as far as content goes.  We try to be flexible where we can though. Submissions are always welcome and appreciated.  

1) Fics should be femdom yuri and involve some type of hypnosis(mind control, charm, corruption, brainwashing, conversion, the like).  However, it can be femdom on male, but femdom on female is more appreciated =)  It can be a original work of fiction as well with your own heroine and villainess.  Original characters are also welcome in fanfics, so if you want to make your own villainess to hypnotize Sailor Moon, go for it.  Crossovers are also welcomed, so go wild =) 

As for fic that are femdom on male(f/m), they will get slightly less points because again, we are focused on femdom yuri, but it will only be by a few(3 at max).  Again, it's not our central theme, but we will accept them because it still has monstergirls/villainess bedazzling some poor fool.

2) NO MALEDOM.  This is counter to our very theme, even if there is yuri involved it will not be accepted for any points.  If you want maledom stories, there are plenty of other places that specialize in it, we here, we are all about raw femdom.  This includes possession of female forms as well in some cases(where the villain is only using that form as a means to a end and not embracing it). 

*3) The use of hermaphrodites/futanari(aka "dickgirls") are not welcomed here.  Again, plenty of other places for that stuff.  Here it's all about the pure yuri.  I don't wish to get on any social debate here, this is just the way we roam.

*4) Please avoid the use of clearly phallic ended objects such as dildos, tentacles, and certain tails(like ones that shoot out semen).  Again, dicks have no place in yuri and only serve to say that women need cocks to have sex with other women, which not only subtracts from the feminine sex appeal of yuri, but also insert a male control aspect into it.  

Now, that's not to say all such things are outlawed, far from it, just think more feminine about it.  Things like lamia tails(can used to coil and rub against vagina , or go in ), magical wands( rubbing against the smooth shaft, or having a rounded vibrator at the end(see bottom pic ), corrupted magical transformation pens, enchanted silken gloves or stockings, long tongues( seen in this comic ), octopus tentacles, tendrils(small thin smooth ropy tentacles), large cilia( ), certain vibrators(like nipple/eggs ones, buttferfly vibrators(basically stimulating panties with a butterfly like vibrator centered over the pussy), succubus tails.  Basically small things that can easily fit inside a woman pussy or over it and cause enough stimulation, and caress her to new heights of pleasure.  In other words, use your creativity and not things that look like the head of the persona Mara =)  Of course, yuri sexual acts like licking out, 69ing, docking, and scissoring are also great and by no means "plain" =) 

5) TG is A-OKAY in our book, as long as it involves males becoming females(like Cloud for example), it can come up as part of a spell, or it could be the way your story has always been(just make sure to express the little ways they are different now).  As for villains, this is also fine, but does have certain limitations.  The villain should no longer think in a maledom way(example: "I was only in this form to trick you, and you feel for it!"), have them rather transform into a pure villainess(or monstergirl), with no thought of going back), though starting from scratch, or creating a original character based off them is not a bad route either.

6) Possession by a evil item, object or genderless parasite that turns a heroine evil is okay, so long as it has no male presence(female presences are cool of course, though it's more cool if they help corrupt their new mistress rather than full on inhabit and control their body).  Examples of genderless parasite would be 
Spoilers for Kid Icarus Uprising):
The Chaos Kin It possesses Palutena for a time and turns the formerly warm and protecting goddess against all of Humanity and even Pit, she's not just a doll to it, her evil speeches are legit!

7) On the issue regarding furry content, I understand this is a sensitive issue for some, me and the Admin wanted to make it clear that such content is accepted, but it probably won't be given as much points as other finds of similar nature.  Mostly because it's not really what this group is aiming for which I hope you can respect.  As for the definition of "furry" in this group, it's basically anything covered head-to-toe in rough scales or fur, as well as anything that's more anthropomorphic(i.e. has more of a snout, or could be said to be more of a animal with human characteristics, than a human with animal characteristics). 

OK, well, we'll use a recent example in the form of Luna Tsukuyomi from Day Break Illusion who underwent a EC last season(Before you ask, it was Maledom, and done in the most dickish of ways, if you want further info, look in the spoilers below)
Basically, the main evil villain transformed into her friend and heroine of the series who she had a HUGE yuri crush on.  Then proceeded to get her to confess her feelings, only to reject her and ridicule her before stabbing her with a dagger that results in transformation below, which I will be posting pictures of in the group, because hey, it's a really good EC, but like with Bison from Street Fighter and the Shadowloo Dolls, don't except any acknowledgement of the perpetrator.

Furry stages that are more accepted than others:

Here Luna is at what I like to call stage 1(ears and/or tail, fangs/claw).  This stuff has always been fine and will continue to be so.
Group Guidelines Luna110

Here is stage 2(where the EC is)  Now, you see she while she looks more feral and has paws, her body(which has been aged up thankfully) is still mostly human, especially the torso and face.  Basically this is the area of Felecia from Darkstalkers or other monster girls like lamias and arachnes, so yeah, totally okay.
Group Guidelines 000110
Group Guidelines 000310

Then there is some fanart of her going further to stage 3(she doesn't in the actual show). This is where you would probably start getting lower points.
Group Guidelines Luna_s10

And this is stage 4, which is furry by anyone's definition.
Group Guidelines Luna_s11

I hope that will make things clearer for any members past or present.

*Except where stated otherwise for certain doujins due to quality of content and yuri related parts before it goes to futa

AKA Allan, lurker3009, Swacorpse, current acting moderator of forum/group, feel free to contact me with any questions
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