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Tabletop Games - Sentinels and Descent

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Tabletop Games - Sentinels and Descent Empty Tabletop Games - Sentinels and Descent

Post  Singing Siren on Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:15 am

There's a lot of talk about video games here, and some are certainly great. But you know what else is also great? Tabletop games! What's a tabletop game? Well, it's just what it sounds like; it includes board games, card games, and RPGs, and some of these actually have hypnosis and corruption in them!

Now, of course, RPGs have plenty of material for such- in Dungeons and Dragons, you have succubi, alu-fiends, and vampiresses, and they're all recreated in Pathfinder, but I'm here to talk about specific examples.

Firstly, we have Sentinels of the Multiverse/Sentinel Tactics; Sentinels of the Multiverse is a card game with a strong comic book theme; you have characters inspired by all sorts of different super heroes and super villains, some of which are more obvious than others (Wraith is essentially a female Batman, and Omnitron-X is based off Mega Man X... to the point that they even copied the font). Sentinel Tactics is a miniatures game sequel which takes place some years later... But that's not out yet, so there won't be much mention of it here. There's a lot of characters in SotM, probably around forty or fifty main heroes and villains now, but there's one villainess and one heroine I want to point out to you in particular.

First, we have the villainess Miss Information. Before Parse came out, she the villain that gave me the most trouble when fighting against her Advanced Mode... But you're not here to hear about that. You're here to hear about how a mild mannered secretary becomes one of the fiercest evils the multiverse has ever known! The official backstory is that she was the secretary to the Freedom Five- a central group of heroes in the series. They're not exactly clear on how it happens, but she dies, and when she dies, she's resurrected in another dimension, as though her death had been nothing more than a dream. Angered by the fact that those she worked for failed to save her in her former dimension, she becomes enraged, and becomes a saboteur obsessed with taking her revenge on them.

Then, we have a hero character known as The Visionary; now, the Visionary does have a Villain Deck version known as The Dreamer, but that's not actually what I'm here to talk about... The Dreamer is not a corrupted version of the Visionary, but rather, a younger version of her that doesn't have control over her psychic powers, and whose powers pose a danger both to herself and those around her because of this lack of control. No, what I'm here to talk about is the alternate character card for Visionary's hero deck, Dark Visionary. While traveling through time to protect her past self, Visionary ran into and merged with alternate version of herself, who now threatens to overtake her mind. The best part of all of this? Dark Visionary- despite having clearly evil motives- is still a playable character. And being a psychic-based character, several of Visionary's cards focus on mind control!

Then there's another game I love which I want to bring to your attention: Descent: Journeys in the Darkness. The general idea of Descent was to take the idea of a dungeon crawler RPG and make it so that instead of merely running the game, the dungeon master would instead be an active player. Instead of just sitting down and playing once, the base game and each of the large expansions includes a campaign that's meant to be strung together over the course of nine or more sessions, with both the heroes and the dungeon master growing in power as they claim victories over one another, culminating in a final battle that can be very different depending on how things progressed up until that point.

During most missions, the dungeon master will have a Lieutenant out; these monsters are typically equal in strength to a hero, and come in all different shapes in sizes... You have a powerful troll, a necromancer, a wyrm queen, but right now, I want to introduce you to Lady Eliza Farrow from the base set. She's a vampiress with pretty standard vampire abilities, including Seduce, which allows her to force a hero to move, and then stuns them. Her plot deck doesn't add anything to this, but oddly enough, it renames "Seduce" to "Allure", though the ability seems to be exactly the same otherwise...

Then, in the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion, the dungeon master's main character is a sorceress known as Ariad. Ariad wants to make it so that it's always night or something like that, but that's not what's important. What IS important is that in this campaign, the heroes gain one of two allies: Either Raythen the Dwarven rogue or Serena the human healer. And what happens to the one that doesn't join them? They get brainwashed and turned into a servant for Ariad!

I know most of you probably don't think of board games and such as a place for corruption... Probably because most board games don't have much of a story to them... But that's what sets these games apart is that they do actually have a narrative to them, and it's allowed for these instances of hypnosis and corruption to shine through. Oh, I guess I should also give a quick mention to Tales of the Arabian Nights which is also a heavily story-based game... Actually more of a choose your own adventure book with a map than an actual board game... But in said game, there are a few scenarios where you'll meet seductresses, but to the best of my knowledge, no actual hypnosis or corruption in it... Not to mention that the seductresses will only interact with male characters in such a way.

Also, a few cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! should probably be mentioned, most notably Invader of the Throne and Vamprie Vamp, but I don't really play any CCGs... Too much of a money sink for me. Magic the Gathering probably has some cards that would fit in there too, who knows?

But what about the rest of you? Have you ever played any tabletop games with similar themes?
Singing Siren
Singing Siren

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Tabletop Games - Sentinels and Descent Empty Re: Tabletop Games - Sentinels and Descent

Post  Rainday on Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:04 pm

Very good. I'll give you 11 for Sentinels of the Multiverse, 11 for Descent: Journeys in the Darkness, 5 for Tales of Arabian Nights, and I'll give you 5 each for the yugioh cards if you throw them in this topic

So when all is said and done, 36 points.

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