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Post  Rainday on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:49 pm

A good reference image of Deneb Rove in her pink outfit

Also, in black outfit with hose

Wish I could do it but I got some stuff on my plate. Least I could do is provide some sexy reference shots and a wiki entry for the game you are talking about (made sure it was the encounter you were talking about as she reappears throughout the series)

I found a clip for her, she's a pretty "light character" even with her evil experiments it seems. By light I mean throwing hearts at the end of her lines, not taking anything really serious(even her death if you choose to kill her, though I doubt such a beauty could die), having fun, and being quite flirtatious. Also, if I were to interject for a little, I do know Pumpkin Golems are her thing, but that's not too sexy a fate, to me at least. This is just a thought that you could disregard, but what if her research has gotten to the point where she can use the seeds of the pumpkins to control peoples minds, and instructs the heroine to go plant them in the ears of her army while they sleep. They could simply be mind controlled, or, for flavor, have either roots or pumpkin grow around their body(like a skintight suit with pumpkin texture) that could reveal their naughty places when Deneb wishes it(at least for any female party members). Again Rico, if you don't care for it, feel free to say so since this is your commission.

Maybe I could at least do a caption of her, but a full story always does more justice.

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