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Post  DoubleEdged on Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:30 pm

It was only starting yesterday that I wanted to start pushing for active signatures in posting, mostly because I wanted to have an important link to keep a certain cache of images available to you guys without having to search for it EVERY SINGLE TIME I posted something new to it. However, I would like to make a request of those that do intend to utilize it:

Please be respectful in the amount/integrity of the content you put into it. I have been through many forums where I have seen people with signatures that on their own take up more than half of my screen resolution (1050 height). If you are going to put a displayed image or banner into it, I request that it not exceed 100 pixel height. If it exceeds that, but you still want it there, please put it as a text link (Where it can still be displayed via Text-to-Image Addons should one have it active). And that image height request applies to the entire signature, meaning putting on multiple images like that is something I don't endorse.

I'm not trying to make a statement on anything in regards to images you post in standard posts with the [ IMG ] format, but please understand that when you put it into your a signature, that stuff appears in EVERY SINGLE POST, and it can be extremely annoying when someone who posts a lot in a certain topic has the same huge image that you have to scroll by every single time they post.

Anyways, that's my stance on it. Rainday's the senior admin between us, so if he has another stance on it, I'll leave it to him.

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On the topic of Signatures Empty Re: On the topic of Signatures

Post  Rainday on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:07 pm

Sounds good, but yeah, I mostly want this used for works and stuff. So artist can link to their galleries and advertise commissions. Basically I too don't want huge pics, paragraphs in signatures, long spaced poems, or stuff that more than doubles your post size.

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