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Legion Takeover Simulator

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Legion Takeover Simulator Empty Legion Takeover Simulator

Post  Singing Siren on Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:53 pm

I wasn't sure whether I should post this in H-Games or Video Games... It is a fetish-based game, though nothing explicit is actually shown. My apologies in advance if this belongs in the other section.

How many of you have heard of AkuOreo? They're an aritist on dA that does a lot of transformation art... Most of it isn't corruption based, but there are exceptions mixed in such as his "Yes Mistress" series, but for the most part, it's pure transformation (including a fair number of monster girls). However, he also has a great many illustrations in his Legion series, which is very much founded in corruption; it's about these seeds being sent to various planets and merging with a host to become a Legion Queen, a plant girl that goes on to convert others into her kind to serve her, until all that's left is world that Poison Ivy would love to call home.

In recent months, they've released a Cookie Clicker-style game mixed with RPG elements where you play as a Legion Queen intent on making your own empire of sexy plant girls. Conversion starts small, taking over a city, but as time goes on, you begin to take control of counties, and your Hive Tree spreads its roots throughout the very world itself. The only downside is that, being very much like Cookie Clicker, the graphics are all pretty much static... As sexy as the concept is, you're really not seeing any of the action, just controlling it. Still, it's a fun way to spend a few days, and you can leave the game running in the background while doing other things to gather extra mana and recruits... But do be warned that it's not quite finished. Not all of the research upgrades are there yet (I've started unlocking the second row of General upgrades, and they're not there as of yet; I've not unlocked any fourth tier upgrades for the specific castes, but they all seem to have their third tier upgrades), but you can still play quite a bit of it as it is.

You can read more about the game and find a download link on the artist's page here:
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