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Post  Singing Siren on Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:08 am

I didn't see a newcomers forum or topic, so I thought I'd say hello here instead. I've always loved hypnosis, seduction, and evil women... Sometimes even imagined myself as one. I've been watching this forum for a couple days now, and decided to stop lurking and say hello. I wrote a poem which I had intended to be a submission to the group, but as I was writing it, it changed from hypnosis and corruption to more of a tale of romance... I'll go ahead and post it here anyways, but I don't think it really fits with the group theme as much as I had originally intended:

I sat and watched sunrise from the sea shore,
Knowing my freedom would be mine no more.
A fateful dawn, that I knew this would be
As I gazed upon my beloved sea.
Destined to marry from birth I had been,
That day I would be forced to call him kin.
My only joy: That on the beach it’d be,
So I might be comforted by the sea.
The maids readied me, a fine dress I wore,
Down the aisle I smiled, though my heart was sore.
My heart was heavy, my mind was askew,
I knew I did not want to say “I do”.
The air was tense, I was silent so long,
But before I spoke, we had heard a song.
A beautiful melody filled the air,
All anyone could do was watch and stare,
Their gazes were locked, and their minds were numb,
It had no words, but I understood “Come”.
To the waves I walked, and what did I see?
A girl in the waters, waiting for me.
No legs she had, but a tail instead,
Though human she was from the waist to head.
Her hair and eyes were both an aquamarine,
Her beauty so great, it’d surpass a queen.
Her tune ceased, she looked at me and smiled,
Her face was calm, her voice was so mild.
She spoke in a tongue I had never heard,
And yet I understood every word.
Since we were young, she had watched over me,
A protector from my beloved sea.
She heard my pains, and could not watch me cry,
So she came, my destiny to defy.
She held out her hand, begging me to come,
At once I took it, beginning to hum.
The power of the waters filled my soul,
My legs weakened, yet my body was whole,
Lovely scales formed, first upon my thighs,
Soon I’d a tail, the color of the skies.
She started to sing softly a new song,
A duet which I gladly joined in throng.
Into the waters we swam without wait,
From that day onward, this would be my fate.
Through the waves we danced oh so blissfully,
And then I kissed her, my beloved sea.

As you can probably tell by my name, I love stories of mermaids and sirens, whether said sirens be the avian or aquatic kind, and that's why I decided to write this piece for all of you... Sorry it didn't turn out as planned. I guess I'll just have to keep my head out of the clouds- or rather, out of the waves- next time.
Singing Siren
Singing Siren

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Post  Rainday on Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:11 pm

Welcome dood. You're little poem is great, nothing wrong with a romantic ending at all =) Quite a few of our stories end like that so write whatever you feel like(within the guidelines of course lol). But yeah, I'll give you 8 points for it, it's not that long, but the rhyming was very good.

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