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Post  MultiPayaso123 on Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:47 pm

Hello, everyone, I hope these forums are still being checked. Hopefully we can get some life back with this amazing game by Anaximanes (I imagine someone here is aware of this already):

He recently posted a gallery of 500 pictures:

Do note that:
1) The current free public version does not include the Sewers area, part of which you can see in the e-hentai gallery
2) It's worth playing the game even if you've seen the gallery since each image is accompanied by writing.
3) If you do decide to play the game note that it will take some effort and time to get certain bad ends. Also saving during a hunt is known to have glitches when you reload, glitches that can impede your progress.

This is an interactive novel like many of his other games. To actually get to the gameplay you will need to read all the way to chapter 4 or skip to it from the menu. It might be worth your time to read the backstory of Absinthe at least, I find that corruption bad ends are better when you know more of the background of the corrupted Wink

Absinthe van Gothen, the protagonist, is a young woman that suddenly discovers she has powers because of her bloodline and through meeting a Nosferatu becomes nearly-possessed by Vlad Tepes's soul. She fights the control but she remains with a complete blood bodysuit (thus what you see in a lot of the screenshots in the gallery). She thus becomes a monster hunter. Out on the monster hunts, if she loses to an enemy she will most likely become like them. Not all the endings involve a conversion, and some of those are not a "full" conversion either.

This game can definitely be categorized as horror and often leans into the grotesque, but I think it's all still very hot, depending on your fetishes or what you like/dislike. That being said, the transformation process is almost always sexual, or at least just magical in nature. There's not much gore in the bad endings or any sort of bloody things you might imagine from a game of this genre.

Not all the endings involve bad girls converting/corrupting the character, but they're all worth checking out at least from the gallery. The ones directly relevant to this forum involve witches, fairies, yuki onnas, rusalkas, wood elves, sewer slime girls and more!

There's still a ton more content to come, both in terms of new enemies (and bad ends) and better quality-of-life things, like a gallery of all the bad ends unlocked and a story mode that just skips the gameplay. Do keep this on the radar! I'll keep updates on all that as long as they're relevant to the community here. Wink

P.S. I have some saves of later parts of the forest that are at first blocked off, so if you'd like to have them so you can see certain bad ends sooner let me know. Do note that there might be glitches since they're in the middle of hunts. I recommend checking out this thread too for help:

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