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A little Date a Live Comission!

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A little Date a Live Comission! Empty A little Date a Live Comission!

Post  Aggra on Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:02 am

Hello you guys, I had decided to give Zero a little
Commission for my own pleasure. :O

A nice little story about what would happen when
Touka didn't get to wear a both earphones since
she had indeed trained much more with the gitar
and then went to the contest with every to challange Miku!

Date a Live, A spiritual Song:
The situation was bad, arguably the worst it could be. What started as a contest to try and seal the idol Spirit Miku Izaoyi quickly turned into a nightmare once she had actually lost and didn't take her defeat gracefully. Shido, who had been disguising himself as a girl named Shiori, found himself hopelessly trying to stop the woman as she stepped forward and summoned forth her angel.

A woman with long blue hair with a fancy crescent moon hairclip and a gorgeous idol dress that was a mix of yellow, blue, white and even a little green, Miku was in secret a spirit with the power to brainwash others. Not only that but she despised men, making getting close and sealing her a little difficult for Shido. Thus the boy ended up in a maid outfit with long hair and a voice changer in an attempt to get close, his friends and other spirits all clad in maid outfits as well.

Unfortunately, Miku had just discovered that Shiori was actually less feminine than first thought and wasn't taking it well at all.

On the stage, a golden mass of pipe organs appeared behind Miku while a sleek circular keyboard made of light formed in front of her. The girl smirked as a massive surge of sound flooded the air. Shido gripped his head in pain, his own spirit sealing abilities giving him a resistance to the brainwashing. That was true for him alone though, and as the noise rang out the entire stadium full of people was brought under Miku's spell.

"Please, you have to stop this!" Shido said once more, Miku scoffing at the disguised boy. "And why would I do that? You keep talking about friendship, and how you won because bonds? It seems the only one with friends here is me, isn't it?" Miku asked rhetorically before pressing on a few keys on the virtual keyboard. The massive organ delivered her will as she commanded it and Shido soon found himself blocked by more than a few familiar faces.

The youthful ice spirit Yoshino, clad in a nice white dress and a sunhat covering her curly long blue hair. She had just been a spectator in this and yet she seemed completely convinced of her loyalty to Miku. Then there were the two orange haired wind spirits Kagura and Yuzuru, clad in maid outfits just like Shido and holding their weapons at the ready. "Those who defy mistress should be purged." Yuzuru said in a cold and blank voice as Kaguya prepared her rather large spear to strike.

The fourth of her newest servants was the first spirit Shido met and saved, Tohka. Possessing long violet hair done up in a wide ponytail, she was in the same maid outfit that Shido and the twins were. "No, not you too Tohka..." Shido said, this was very bad. "Enemies of my mistress are my enemies too, even if it is you!" she said and joined in on the weapon pointing with her massive blade. Tohka had gotten a full blast of the idol's power and her somewhat ditzy mind had been easily claimed. Miku laughed at Shido's despair. "These were all your friends, right? So much for friendship!"

Shido thought about his options, scouring his mind for what to do. Kotori, maybe she could help! His sister and also secret organization leader had a massive ship and personnel that might be able to pick him up before he's torn to shreds. "Kotori, is there anything you can do here? I really, really need the help." Shido asked via communications, walking back as his former friends walked towards him.

A response came through fairly quickly. "Of course, there's plenty I could do." the young red haired girl said, a nice business outfit with a red jacket around her shoulders and hair done up in twintails. "Oh thank goodness! And please, sooner would be better!" Shido exclaimed. If he could get out of this mess. "But I won't. A dog like you should take his punishment from mistress." was the next thing he heard from Kotori and instantly his hopes were shot. Could it be that everyone on the Fraxinus was brainwashed too!?

The crossdressing boy soon found himself stuck around by surges or wind and blasts of ice, crashing through a wall as he was thrown by Tohka. Thanks to sealing Kotori he was a bit more durable than normal humans but that didn't mean he wasn't hurting. There was nothing he could do right now with everyone controlled. Could he even escape against them?

Seeing a mass of brainwashed fans coming his way too the boy did his best to start running. Yoshino, atop her massive ice rabbit, was about ready to pounce and take him down when Miku signaled for her to stop. "Let him run. For the humiliation he's caused me...for making me touch that...thing...I'm not done with him." she said, pulling Tohka over to her and casually groping the cute girl to relieve some stress. "I'm going to let him regroup with whatever friends he has left, then I'll turn them into my slaves too~" she said with glee before giving the knight-like spirit a kiss.

It had been a few hours since Shido made his escape now and he was no closer to figuring out how to rescue his friends than before. At least Kotori hadn't blasted him with that huge ship of hers, and he was able to change back into his normal look. Small victories. "What can I do now? Maybe Origami can help..." Shido wondered. She was strong, but even she couldn't fight that many spirits. "My, you didn't think of asking me at all? I'm hurt~" a more sadistic voice rang out.

Appearing from the shadows was Kurumi Tokisaki, another Spirit that Shido was rather familiar with. Unlike all the others however he failed to seal her powers and she was extremely dangerous. Even her stare was menacing, a red right eye and a golden clock left eye. She wore a red and black gothic lolita outfit and had her hair in black twintails, her left longer than her right as if emulating the hour hand on a clock.

Shido was unsure if this was more or less dangerous than Miku. With Kurumi it was hard to tell. It seemed like the time manipulating girl could sense his apprehension and laughed. "What's wrong? Scared? Or maybe you miss that maid outfit of yours~" the black haired girl mocked with a smile. Something did come to Shido's mind, he had been seeing Miku's servants roaming the city and yet Kurumi was totally normal.

"How are you not effected by Miku's power?" Shido decided to ask. "You seriously think I'd listen to a girl like that? As if~" she said as she walked over and smirked the boy's way. "Now come along, you're useless without someone like me. I've decided to entertain myself by giving you a hand." she explained. Kurumi...she was definitely strong. Almost scary strong, but if she was helping then maybe they would be able to reverse Miku's control.

The moment they left the building Shido had hidden himself in however a wall of ice blocked their path. "Looks like your secret hiding place wasn't so secret, huh?" Kurumi said casually as Miku and her spirit slaves appeared to surround them. "You had another spirit left to bring out? I'm surprised, but she'll be mine soon enough." Miku said confidently, the Yamai twins both moving in front of her to protect her. They had of course tracked Shido and knew where he was, they were just waiting to lure his remaining companions in.

Miku snapped her fingers and her servants went at the rogue spirit. If she had resisted the initial use of Gabriel then she would probably need to be weakened a little. But conquering such a woman and turning her into her servant would be that much more rewarding. Miku had been becoming quite fond of maid uniforms thanks to her newest conquests, perhaps this girl would look good in one too? Regardless, the idol spirit was ready to have more fun.

Shido stepped back as a massive battle formed, Yuzuru's chain firing off a Kurumi who sidestepped and summoned dozens of past copies of herself from her shadow, going from outnumbered to overwhelming in an instant. The time manipulating girls all had their flintlock pistols at the ready and firing. Yuzuru was forced back and released a torrent of wind to cover her sister Kaguya's spear thrusting attack and took down one of the many Kurumi's. That wasn't nearly enough to stop the assault however as another three Kurumi's were formed and shot at them.

To Miku's surprise this girl was holding her own against all four of her brainwashed spirits. All these bodies did give her an idea however and the blue haired spirit formed her keyboard and angel once more. Unsealed spirits were rather difficult to deal with. "I love that you've turned yourself into an entire crowd. I'm used to hearing the love and adoration of many~" Miku said before she proceeded to let loose a powerful song.

Both Miku and Shido found themselves being hit by a massive and beautiful musical surge, the boy clutching his head as it became hard to think clearly. "What? This is..." Kurumi said as she too was struggling, or rather all of her were struggling. The song was reverberating through each of her bodies and having an added effect on all of them. Even if they were separate forms, they were still Kurumi. Against such a magnified assault even the strong willed girl could only moan out blissfully as the music claimed her mind.

The fighting had ceased and the main Kurumi turned towards Shido with a grin. "Helping you out was fun, but it's time for some torture. Mistress wants to hear you scream after all~" she said, one of her copies shooting to the side of his head to mess with him while two more went down to grab him. If even Kurumi wasn't strong enough to resist her then could anyone?

The Kurumi copies were forced back by a blast from the skies however as two more familiar faces descended to defend Shido. Both in tight bodysuits and mecha-like armor, one had short white hair while the other had less bulky armor and blue hair. It was Origami and his biological sister Mana. "Wait, how did you two find me?" he asked, though he was very grateful for their aide.

Mana turned to his direction. "I woke up seeing Kotori acting totally crazy. Then I snapped her out of it and caught up with Origami, then we found your location." she explained as Kotori too appeared alongside them clad in a rather fancy looking red dress of flames. Shido nodded at the explanation and thought maybe the three of them could stage a counterattack. Wait, no, this wasn't good either if Kotori could be so easily put under. "Listen, we have to get out of here now or she'll brainwash you all!" Shido told them. There was no way that normal humans, well, somewhat normal humans like them would be able to resist when Kotori already fell once.

"Sorry, but I want so payback for getting mind jacked by this girl." Kotori said to her brother before turning to face Miku. Yoshino's ice and Kurumi's clones would make it difficult to escape anyways, though it was possible. "Leave the ice to me, this is my specialty." the red haired girl said with a grin as both Mana and Origami entered battle stances and moved to each side of Shido. "We'll fight as hard as we can." Origami said while Mana looked at the many Kurumi's surrounding them. "I guess I'll just just have to keep killing you until you stop coming back." Mana said sternly towards the time stealing spirit. "My, how utterly foolish. If you all wish to be punished before Mistress claims you however I'm happy to oblige~" Kurumi responded with her usual casualness.

In terms of numbers, the situation wasn't the worst. Kotori's flames were able to keep Yoshino from doing anything and when the Yamai twins tried to move in to keep her fire at bay Origami intercepted and started facing them in the sky. Mana meanwhile was dealing with an entire legion of Kurumi's, not the mention keeping Shido safe from Tohka's attacks. They were spread thin, especially if they wanted to keep Shido safe, and that gave Miku plenty of time to set the stage.

Miku had enjoyed the show being put on by the various warrior, but it was time for the next act. "Girls who reject my love are just the worst, but I'm sure you'll come running back soon~" she said to Kotori and used Gabriel to release another brainwashing surge. Origami, Mana and Kotori all felt it ripple through them, a gorgeous song that infected their heads and reverberated through their hearts. "N-No...not again...Mistress..." the flame spirit struggled to say before she too was caught within the trance of love once more. At the core of their hearts the song placed Miku, their one true love. The urge to do anything for Miku, to love Miku, to submit completely to Miku became the loudest thought blaring in their heads. Even Shido was shaken by the attack, his natural resistance to the only doing so much after the third time.

Shido groans as he felt disoriented, soon being grabbed by Tohka. "Time to pay for your crimes!" she said, bringing him towards the idol who now had a pair of humans wrapped around her like arm candy. "I'm so sorry for my disobedience. Please forgive me for defying you Mistress." Kotori said. "Yeah, from now on I'll only fight for you." Mana added. "Even Shido is nothing compared to you." Origami told her as well.

Tohka tossed Shido to the ground as he was surrounded by all of them in a circle. The spirits he'd sealed and even the one he didn't, both his sisters, Origami, he was totally locked in. "Are you going to kill me?" he asked and Miku shook her head. "I'll admit, after that...certain...incident happened I wanted to. Then I had a better idea." she said, entering the group of people as her angel formed around the circle of spirits and slaves.

"I'm not going to stop at just your mind. No, I'm going to crush you until even your body bends to my will. Shiori will be my eternal slave~" she said with wicked glee. Before Shido could say anything in protest she sang once more. The girls already enslaved felt a blissful sensation fill them once more while Shido felt a surge of control flood him. "G-Gah!" he grunted out, clutching his head on the ground, his mental defenses already battered by the mental assaults from before. He could still resist, but for how long? And this one was feeling significantly more intense than the previous songs too.

Miku wasn't relenting on her music either, she was going to keep on singing until she got everything she wanted. The idol didn't just want a slave, or even a female slave. She planned on filling the boy with so much spirit energy that they became a spirit themselves. Minutes passed without pause, Shido couldn't think about anything. Even his body was feeling strange. He was getting close to his breaking point. "Give in Shido, join us!" Tohka said with an aroused expression, the song effecting them all. "Shido. Submit." Yuzuru said, even her normally stoic voice having a hint of lust. "Ah, this is quite fun isn't it~" Kurumi moaned out.

The words of his friends were joining with the mind melting song, he couldn't take it anymore. All his natural and mental defenses were broken as his body shined brightly, radiating from Miku's musical assault. It reacted to the spirit's power and was altered by it, rather impressive breasts forming while his cock completely vanished. Shido's hair lengthened and even his outfit returned to the maid outfit he had worn earlier in the day. Unlike before however his body was that of a female, and he wasn't done changing. The girl's maid outfit the upgraded to become more fancy and refined as a strange aura coated the girl, her eyes altering to look like that of a spirit's. With some armored sections of the fancy maid dress she truly did look the part of a spirit too. Shido had been erased, the sexy new spirit Shiori taking his place.

The former male would get up with an aroused expression on her face. "Oh Mistress..." she cooed. Miku got close and rubbed her hand down along her body, checking to see if it was a success. When she reached Shirori's crotch and felt nothing she smirked and brought the girl into a deep embrace. "That's more like it. You've been quite the problem girl my Shiori~ Let's see how loyal you really are~" Miku said. Her very words were like honey to Shiori's ears now, she was totally compelled to satisfy the woman's every need.

Shiori moaned and kissed her new mistress, no longer caring about her old life as a boy. She belonged to her mistress, she would do anything for her mistress, and the rest of the girls were the same way. Miku was quite fond of the harem she amassed today and would need to inspect each of them more closely. But for now, having some fun with Shiori would do quite nicely...



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