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Dream-Voyaging Mistresses

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Dream-Voyaging Mistresses Empty Dream-Voyaging Mistresses

Post  DoubleEdged Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:32 pm

So, according to fetish artist Naka/Cheeseyeast, the "Yumewari no Mistress" series is going to be officially sold in English.
*Scroll down to a December 8th post*

As far as things go with finding this in "other places," I've only seen the first two uploaded, with only the first translated. But this looks like it's also going to be a physical edition.

Anyways, the relevant bit- Succubus messes up and a "client" becomes aware of her. The girl then gets deputized in a way to assist the Succubus in "attending" to the dreams of others. TLDR: Latex, bondage, lesbians.

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Dream-Voyaging Mistresses Empty Re: Dream-Voyaging Mistresses

Post  testuser Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:56 am

Oh that Naka! I will confess I've always wanted to see more of their works since their pixiv images tease some hot stuff. But yeah, lots of slime(including slime girls), sap(from dryads), bubble encasement, vacuum beds, and shiny latex clothing with plenty of yuri thrown in, also, sexy while being very cute =)
There most recent preview pic is something else

But yeah, pixiv
and danbooru page

Along with my favorite cute pic of their's

But yeah, thanks for alerting me to this dood, I'll have to give this a look after the holiday season.

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