Vampiress and victim(MC F/F)

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Vampiress and victim(MC F/F) Empty Vampiress and victim(MC F/F)

Post  Rainday on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:33 pm

Don't know what it's from, just that it was uploaded by frozensexy1 on Daily Motion(thanks to them). If anyone has a clue, feel free to post it.

So what we got here is vampiress's voice in her head, followed by a arousal induction(touching herself causing the victim to subconsciously massage her breasts), and not the most sexy bite in the world... Doesn't make much sense, she was obviously able to entrance her, so why didn't she bite her then instead of attacking her. However, in the end we have a sexy scene of the cloaked vampire walking into the foggy forest with her thrall trailing behind her... Did I mention there's gogo boots? So yeah, quite sexy.

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