Final Fantasy II plot idea involving The Emperor & Leon

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Final Fantasy II plot idea involving The Emperor & Leon

Post  Hornofdesolation on Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:09 pm

This is an idea for a story that I probably won't write because I'm not interested enough in FF II. It goes like this: Leon either was originally a woman or became one when joining the Empire. The Emperor is an Empress who makes liberal use of charm magic to expand her control & has taught it to a handful including Leon. Leon or the Empress when they meet the party use their powers to charm the party into serving the Empress & if the protagonists haven't been switched to all female genders in the story background they get changed into women. The exact where & when of the occurrence is variable so you can start it at any time in the video game's story. Your temporary party members & the supporting cast all end up being charmed as well at different points in time that will hopefully be written but if not show them & their behavior in the aftermath.

So there is my idea. I hope someone picks it up & writes a story based off it.


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