Angel Blade Punish (F/F)

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Angel Blade Punish (F/F) Empty Angel Blade Punish (F/F)

Post  Chelson on Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:09 pm

I don't think this one really counts as hypnosis or MC, but it's a really hot scene that, given the expressions and dialogue of the characters, I guess you can consider it a submission through kissing.

The characters are Moena Singuuji and Elphie Elfman, also known as Angel Blade and Angel Bullet, respectively, and this scene happens in the 3rd episode of this 3-episode OVA. I don't know much about this series beyond that, and I haven't seen any other clips besides the one linked above, although Google does seem to provide several sites that explain what the series is about (It's hentai, btw)

Interestingly, someone actually wrote a fic about these two characters:


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Angel Blade Punish (F/F) Empty Re: Angel Blade Punish (F/F)

Post  Rainday on Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:03 pm

Hmm, as much as I appreciate your spirit this is more "general" yuri as it's between a heroine and a heroine.  Elphie does display "let me teach you about love" kind of thing near the end(cutting off before the fun begins), but it doesn't really fit the spirit of what we are aiming for, very close, but not quite on the mark.  If say, Elphie was secretly working for the enemy and planned to keep Moena as her cute little love slave, then yes, this would be something.

That being said, final judgement is up to Rico, and even if it doesn't count, don't delete it, we'll move it to the general section.

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