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Post  LazyAlex on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:22 pm

Monstergirl Rancher

Game Content Warnings Page wrote:
This game will feature the following fetishes... This list may eventually get pretty large, so you can use CTRL+F and search for something that might be on the list. If it isn't on any of the list below let me know.

1. Monstergirls
2. Futanari
3. Lesbians
4. Lactation/Milking
5. Mind Control
6. Pregnancy
7. Furry/Anthropomorphism
8. Transformations
9. Bondage
10. Non-consensual scenes
11. Group
12. Slaves
13. Exhibitionism
14. Sex toys, strap-on, dildos, etc.
15. Anal
16. Foot play
17. Blindfolds, handcuffs, and other light bondage
18. Tentacles
19. Excessive cum play
20. Fat/Skinny
21. Masturbation
22. Teasing
23. Lingerie
24. Double/Triple/+ Penetrations
25. Softcore
26. Facials, cum play, etc.
27. Breeding
28. Blackmail/Bribery
29. Breast play/tit fuck
30. Lubricants, body oil, etc
31. Weird or odd sexual encounters
32. Virginity
33. Ahegao
34. Romance
35. Normal, or Vanilla sex
36. Dark skin
37. Kemonomimi
38. Oral
39. Small breasts/Large Breasts
40. Hospitals, School, Theater and other scenes
41. Latex, plug suits, or tight clothing
42. Masochism
43. Sadism
44. Domination
45. Cross Dressing
46. Rape
47. Monsterboys

The "NO" list... Things that will not be featured in the game.

1. Bestiality (Illegal. Although Furry anthro is okay.)
2. Scat (Never. Ever. Never.)
3. Watersports
4. Diapers
5. Loli (If their under 18, then they'll never be seen in the game. All actors in the game are over 18, although some will have a young appearance.)
6. Death or heavy blood play
7. Hard vore (There MIGHT be very light vore in the future, depends if enough people ask for it.)
8. Vomiting (Over flowing cum is different though.)
9. Incest (With enough request, this can be taken off the NO list.)
10. Amputee

Any suggestions may be emailed to me, or you can leave a comment below. The list will only change if enough people ask for it. Some things that are considered illegal will never be removed from the list for obvious reasons.

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